Wednesday, May 28, 2008

IFRS: Coming to America?

The buzz about IFRS is really picking up in the USA.

The AICPA just started a site that deals with the issues surrounding IFRS and the USA. Will there be convergence? Stay tuned to that site. Great site to monitor.
Incidentally they have a cool URL eh? I wonder why the folks in London didn’t snap it up.

The FASB is having a Forum next month, on June 16 in New York City dealing with issues about IFRS from a US standpoint. The objects of the session according to the FASB are:

1. to open the dialogue with our constituents about whether and how to move the U.S. financial reporting system to IFRS
2. to define the next steps in the process

I plan to attend this session, all being well. If you cannot go the session will be webcast live on the FASB website If you are going to New York you will have to register.

Here are some links to “Big Four” discussions (courtesy of a recent article in CFO Magazine):$file/PwC_10Minutes_102007.pdf

The game is truly a foot in the good old USA.

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