Monday, June 2, 2008

We interrupt this program

Here are some important announcements

Comments on postings

First of all thank you to those who have posted.

Antonello Dessanti posted his experiences with leading the IFRS conversion for the foreign network of a leading Italian Bank Group. It is an interesting posting. Thank you for your contribution Antonello! Somebody had to be first and thanks for stepping up. You can find Antonello’s comments under my posting of “Blogging Responsibly.”
Thanks also to Tsuifit. Yes she goes by one name, just like Cher or Madonna. She posted a nice comment under “Are you late for an important date” (the one with the White Rabbit). Tsufit wrote a book about getting noticed called “Step into the Spotlight”. There is some excellent advice in the book about getting noticed, including some advice on the dreaded 30-second personal commercials you have to do at networking events. See

Thanks also to the many that have sent me personal notes of encouragement and support. It’s important to me.

Please keep the comments going and speak about your experiences. I plan to get into some IFRS details very soon. Together we will find the devils in the details and exorcise them.

Future Plans

I have some ideas for the future on this site so we can get into the “nitty gritty”. .I will look at some of the obscure and perhaps not so obscure aspects of IFRS.

Stay tuned – please send me your ideas.

How to subscribe to the blog

I am researching ways that you can subscribe to the blog so I can manage it better. You will remember that I am a newbie to blogging but I have had to be a quick study.

One way is simply to bookmark the blog under favorites.

You could then check the blog at your convenience. I plan on 3 – 4 entries a week but some can be quite short.

Blogger gives you the option of subscribing through “Atom” but you have to scroll right to the end of the blog to subscribe. Some people might get an icon to click on others might have a section appended in the favorites area of their toolbar. Others might be different?

Another way of subscribing to blogs is to subscribe through Google Reader. Just cut and paste my URL in the appropriate place. You can subscribe to other blogs as well. Google Reader appears to be a relatively new service.

Any ideas would be helpful.

I will look at sending a link to a special purpose website and assess that at the end of June. This might be easier to access but I still have to assess the pros and cons. You would still be able to view my blog on this URL as well.

More Rules of Blogging Responsibly

I have been asked about my copyright policy. General commercial rules and business etiquette applies here.

Of course, I encourage you to forward any posting to a contact via the e-mail link at the foot of the posting (very small envelope). If you quote from me I would appreciate (and expect) that you give me attribution.

If you wish to publish the whole or a major part of one of my postings please send me an e-mail at I will consider where it is to be published and grant permission accordingly. In some cases I might request payment. I will be reasonable about this since I do like the exposure.

Comment mechanics

Please remember that I have only 2 choices on a comment. To accept or reject. I cannot edit for spelling etc and unless I have your coordinates I cannot contact you.


Thank you everyone!

The IFRS Exorcist ©

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Tsufit said...

Thanks for your kind words about my book, Step Into The Spotlight! Love the title of this blog post.