Monday, June 30, 2008

We interupt this program

Some announcements

Thank you

Thank you everyone for continuing to read this blog. I do not have an e-mail sign up yet and I am in two minds whether to add this. I like the idea of privacy. If you wish to contact me you can do so at the e-mail listed in my profile on this site.

You can also track me through Google Alerts - keyword IFRS if you really do not mind a daily e-mail!

Other Countries

You may wonder why I speak about other countries here. Well we need to start thinking internationally. India and Brazil for example are working on similar timetables to Canada - they have their own set of issues and I will not explore these too deeply. The focus here is Canada and the USA.

If you want to communicate with me and do not speak English you can do the translation of a short comment through babelfish

I can translate a comment I make and paste it to my reply. You need to keep it short.

Recently I sent an e-mail to a reader in Brazil with the Portuguese translation from babelfish. Probably not the best but it sort of does the trick.

Logo Header

You will notice that I added a logo header to the site.


You may have been trying to review my background on Linkedin. I just added some more information there. See

Forthcoming Postings

There is no shortage of things to talk about. There have been quite a few developments in the USA and I wanted to be reasonably timely. I plan to have a weekly feature on Difference of the Week soon. Please send me your requests.

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