Monday, September 8, 2008

E&Y USA IFRS webinar sessions on IFRS

There are quite a few upcoming Webinar sessions from the US firm of E&Y that are worth a look. The sessions are focused on the USA but are interesting and useful for Canadians as well as they do draw attention to differences with IFRS that may be the same as under Canadian GAAP. Of course, Canadian GAAP is similar to US GAAP in many respects it is not identical and caution is necessary.

You have to register with the site to view the webinar. If you participate live and request it you will get a CPE credit certificate, but please read their requirements. They are archived in due course and you still have to register but you will NOT be eligible for CPE credit. I would think that these sessions would also count for CPD credit in Canada. Please check with your accounting association's rules to establish if this is the case.

Upcoming sessions are

Is your company ready for IFRS?
What US audit committee members need to know
September 15, 2008

Conversion considerations for IFRS: implications for real estate companies
September 16, 2008

Conversion considerations for IFRS
Focussed on US power and utility companies
September 18, 2008

Goodwill and long-lived assets in an IFRS world
Illuminating differences in an IFRS environment
September 19, 2008

Conversion considerations for automotive companies
Implications for automotive companies
September 29, 2008

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