Monday, September 15, 2008

IFRS Resistance is futile

If you are wondering about the anti-IFRS movement you would be interested in the very amusing post yesterday by David Albrecht in "The Summa"blog. David Albrecht, Ph.D., CPA, is an accounting professor at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

A picture on the site states that David loves accounting! Well that's going too far?

He recently had a post on sexy accounting and sexy accountants in general LOL

I once won third prize in a beauty contest for sexy accountants - well that's stretching my resume somewhat! Just joking! Next there will be an "IFRS Exorcist" Action figure?


The IFRS Exorcist © said...

An article from the IFRS naysayer Al Rosen.
It might have been better to coordinate adoption with the USA so we do not have changes after the initial adoption in 2011.
Regulators will need to monitor conversions very carefully. Will the CSA take a more active role and will there be a NATIONAL Securities Regulator we need one and with teeth!

The IFRS Exorcist © said...

More resistance 10 reasons why IFRS is a bad idea.

The IFRS Exorcist © said...

More resistance - check out this link

The IFRS Exorcist © said...

Still more IFRS resistance.
Does IFRS pass the "smaell test"

The debate is heating up and the SEC may have opposition to its proposals?

The IFRS Exorcist © said...

The top ten reasons why IFRS is a terrible idea. The complete post of the blog article cited in the last few days!
I look forward to the debate on this I was wondering when it would start. I'll be looking at the arguments.