Monday, September 22, 2008


I thought that I would do a brief post tonight to give you a "heads up" about a few things that I added to the site since I know some of you read my feed from a reader.

I have added the following to the site:

Google translation utility
The page is translated by machine. Not the best but it might help if your native language is not English.

Blog Roll of selected blogs
Check out my blog list. I have referred to most of them in my postings

This is a widget with quotations from very well known people/characters. A very classy and thought provoking presentation.

I have some very interesting topics to speak about. I got a bit diverted by the credit problems last week. As well Blogger was having some technical problems.

Tomorrow is the Economist Conference on IFRS in Toronto and I will be reporting on that.

Oh by the way I am working on an IFRSexorcist website - nearly done!

Stay tuned!

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