Saturday, December 6, 2008

The IFRS Exorcist makes plans

It has been six months since I started this blog. Thank you for reading my blog. I believe that it is the only independent blog in Canada or the USA that concentrates exclusively on IFRS. Others are affiliated with an organization or they cover financial reporting in general.

I have been thinking about the directions where I may go with the blog. I am interested in your comments please give me your feedback. Here are some thoughts.

Guest Blogger

I would really like to incorporate the views of others in my blog and I have been putting out feelers to see if there is interest. There is interest but everyone is busy and the contributions are slow coming. I keep putting out invitations and very likely we will see some outside input soon. If you believe that you have some views to offer and you can provide professional quality writing please approach me and make suggestions.
I am sorry but at this time this would be an unpaid activity. However, you may have a few things to say but you do not want to have your own blog. You can link to the article in your marketing materials.


I have a website and I have received positive reviews. One of the features is links to resources of interest. I plan to provide more information on resources over time. I certainly will provide a discussion of these resources in this blog. I have been getting feedback that this is useful. One of the recent developments has been the number of webinars on particular matters and the bonus is providing free education credit.
I have also started to put news on the site. The latest is the announcement that I will be presenting a workshop on pension issues and IFRS at a Summit next month. As a reader of this blog you are entitled to a 25% discount. You can get the code on the blog or website.


I do not have any direct advertising on the blog. One of the objectives of the blog is for me to advertise my availability for consulting services (please see my website for more information).

I like the idea of being independent from any company, including accounting firms. I like the ability to cover material from all providers. I have had some discussions on this. This might be banner advertising on the site. Although traffic is not in the order of several thousand - it is financial reporting after all. Indications are that I have a very motivated, senior and interested group. Please come to me with expressions of interest.

My first venture on cooperative advertising is currently with IQPC. I advertise theSummit and they provide links to this site. For me it is a great way to build traffic.

Links to this blog.

Please feel free to link to this blog. It is very important for me. If you are on Technorati and you link to me in the proper format I get credit and what is known as "authority" in the blogosphere.

You can also favourite the blog on the sites like Technorati (you do not have to be a blogger) or Blog Catalog (I like that community)

Comments and interactivity

Please comment and let's get a discussion going. Perhaps when I get into more technical issues I can get more input and exchange of ideas. Perhaps we can set up a Forum? Is there a cost effective (preferably free) method of doing this?

Guest appearances

Within limits I would like to guest write on other sites. I have already started this. In the summer I wrote for AccountingWeb. You can get the links to my articles under media in my website. Take a look at the page read counts on these articles. It is a high profile site and good for traffic. With the interest in the SEC IFRS Roadmap in the USA there is interest in Canadian experiences on IFRS conversion. Recently there was a lot of noise about the elections in the USA and Canada and the focus has been on the credit crisis. I will be writing more for Accounting Web in future.

Product/Book Reviews

I am very interested in revewing IFRS related products and books. I am grateful to the CCH for the opportunity of reviewing the latest book on IFRS. There are a lot of win/win benefits from my doing these reviews. I will approach suppliers but please feel free to approach me.

The devil is in the details

One of the objectives of this blog was and continues to be an identification of devils in the details and to find ways of resolving them. One way of doing this is to link to valuable outside resources.

Lately the IFRS space has been filled with the credit crisis and fair values and some of this has been squeezed out. I will be looking for ways to get you involved in technical details. More companies are starting to get real about their conversions. There will be more of an ability to speak about practical issues.

IFRS Veterans

Where I see material that has input from IFRS Veterans I bring it to your attention. There have been some interesting views expressed. I will be more proactive about getting these views going forward. If you are interested in sharing your experiences with the rest of us please contact me.

Branding and Platform
As I have mentioned, when I started blogging I had a limited knowledge of the technical aspects of blogging. I have certainly learned a lot about blogging over the last few months. I have had to be a fast learner. Of course, if I started now I would do things differently.

One idea is to move the blog to its own site and away from Blogspot, where this blog is hosted for free. There are many advantages to that. There are many issues in the move, including Google rank and more importantly not losing you, my readers! A while ago I started another blog on hats called Hat Nostalgia. Hats are a big interest for me and it gave me an opportunity to experiment with advertising etc. I have decided to move that blog to and I will certainly learn a lot about the WordPress platform. I just started to post on the new site. Please come over and check it out.

I think that I will move the site but not until I have a comfort level and I certainly will give you notice so that you can sign up to the new feeds. I have already reserved the domain name for the new blog site. Please stay tuned for plans on this.

I continue to learn a lot about blogging. I have signed up for a blogging course with Yaro Starek of Blog Mastermind. Yaro has been in the internet marketing space for some years. If you are interested in blogging he has a free download e-book that's full of information - and there is no obligation. You can download the book from the link below.

Click here to get The Blog Profits Blueprint

Recently Yaro teamed up with a friend and that are producing videos on blogging. You can get more information at the following link.

I would like to say I have been very impressed with the quantity and quality of information I am getting from Yaro. He is very honest about expectations and seems genuine to me. The introductory free videos were useful and dummy proof. I learned how to do FTP transfers to my new site - whoa! Of course I can save on technical help.

Other Ideas?

Please send me your ideas and requests. Happy IFRS conversions.

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