Monday, February 9, 2009

An update - new IFRS site

You may have been wondering what has happened to me? I am working on a new IFRS site and it will be ready very soon.

I have been working very hard on moving this blog to a new site. There are a number of reasons for this but I will not burden you with them here. The site shell is pretty much ready and you can go over and sign up now I suggest you do. As soon as I deem the site to be stable I will go live. You can go over and take a look and sign up for the feed and or an email (a new option). As well, I have tightened up the feeds. Boy, I have learned a lot about blogging since last May!

The new site is at I am calling the site "The IFRS Exorcist" as I have been generally known by that name - my nom de plume. I will discontinue posting on this site after I start on the new site so if you want to continue to follow me you will have to do it on the new site. At this time I have not decided how to handle the nearly 200 posts that sit on this site. I have to be careful as Google penalizes you for duplicate posting. Please stay tuned for the announcement. If you are linking to me please change the link when I announce the move. I advise NOT deleting your subscription to the old feed for the time being. There may be some links that I am not aware of. I plan on telling the admins of the sites I know link to me. If I leave you out do not take it personally. Please let me know. When of the features of the new site is that I will be able to find out who is linking. I can do this for people on Technorati.

Please bear with me during the move it's very like any move - ugly. You always hope that it is for the better.

This is an advance notice there will be plenty of notice during the transition period and it might take several months to ring everybody over. I apologize for the inconvenience but it will be better for everyone.

Please join in the conversation. I need ideas and feedback. I plan on getting into more of the technical devils in future please remember there are probably more questions than answers. We need more public debate. Soon your year ends will be over. It's really time to engage. Yes I know there are a lot of matters on your plate. I ran the Finance Department of a large pension plan and I had a senior position at a major bank. Believe me I know and can empathize! At some point in the very near future you will wake up in the morning and IFRS will be on your top 3 to do items. It may not be there yet but it will be soon.

The long and the short of debt:
Last week I posted a teaser about debt classification under IFRS. It's an important issue. I will be doing a post on the issue at this site. It's a very important IFRS/Canada difference especially if this "credit crisis" thing goes on for a long time. I am finding people are getting gun shy. Nobody seems to be able to forecast even a few weeks ahead and many are in survival mode. Negotiating debt with the bank may be difficult and there could be surprising results if the "i"s an "t"s are not dotted at year end. Don't forget your opening balance sheet . You will not be able to go back and change conditions existing at year end. More later......

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