Monday, July 7, 2008


I have been working on some changes to this site.

I have made my profile generic with a link to my profile in the Linkedin site. I will be using it in other blogs.

I put a preamble warning in comments reminding potential commentators to keep comments in good taste. Please refer to my May posting on Blogging Responsibly.

I added site meter to this site. (It's private)

I added a box with short cuts for you to subscribe to the feeds of your choice.

I am working on two other blogs. They will not (may not be) be as intensive as this one and you may have noticed them when you view my profile so here is a "heads up".

I am working of the construction of a site on oil and gas price reactions and the related issues. Other than IFRS of course (my first love) it is the big issue facing all of us today. I want to stay on top of it and everybody should be on top of it in my opinion. Not enough hours in the day? Still under construction but I have found some neat widgets.

The other blog is a hobby blog. I am very fond of hats and I will start posting on this soon. I am very nostalgic for the old days of hat wearing.

Patience please while I find my way through the blogsphere

I am working on my own website but it takes longer than one would think.

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