Saturday, July 5, 2008

IFRSUSA: Timing Plan for IFRS implementation soon?

According to a posting in the FEI (USA) Financial Reporting Blog today a timing plan for IFRS conversion in the USA may be imminent. The posting refers to an article in today's New York Times (July 5). Please check out the discussion in their blog.

This is interesting since I have been reading in some places that an anouncement of a conversion plan could be up to two years away?

Don't forget they are looking for people to sign up - see my posting on other blogs part two.


Edith Orenstein said...

Darla, thanks very much for citing our blog in your post today, I updated our post to include a link back to your blog, which I meant to do as I am sure it will be a useful resource on Canada's experience in adopting IFRS through your eyes.

The IFRS Exorcist © said...

Thank you Edith it's much appreciated. Good luck on building your readership!