Tuesday, August 26, 2008

IFRS Ernst and Young on Revenue Recognition

E&Y US presented a very comprehensive webinar session today. The 90 miniute presentation was a comprehensive exploration of the differences between US GAAP and IFRS on revenue recognition as well as the similarities.

It was announced at the beginning of the session that over 6,000 people registered. IFRS is becoming a very hot topic. We await the SECs words tomorrow and everyone expects that there will be supportive moves to adoption of IFRS in the USA. We will see tomorrow.

Today's session will be archived in the next few weeks. They plan several other sessions in September on IFRS

Check in at http://webcast.ey.com/thoughtcenter/default.aspx?prog=%7Be0ca2baf-b278-444a-9cd2-08f16a3157e2%7D to see the offerings. You will have to register on the site to see the presentations.

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