Wednesday, August 27, 2008

IFRS insights

The FEI US Financial Reporting blog published a very interesting backgrounder today to the SEC discussion today. I understand that some sort of vote on a "Roadmap" may be in the works. Stay tuned.
I am watching today!

I would like to thank Edith Orenstein the author of that blog for referencing this blog today.

By the way you do not have to be an FEI member to sign up for e-mail alerts to the blog

I find the US FEI blog a very interesting and very timely update on US financial reporting developments.

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The IFRS Exorcist © said...

A Roadmap proposal has been approved to be issued for comment with possible mandatory adoption in 2014 by US companies subject to achiement of milestones. Certain US companies may be permitted to adopt IFRS early. More to follow when I am able to get a copy of the proposal from the SEC